As the first round of cuts are upon teams this week the Atlanta Falcons have announced their first round of cuts. The team has released.

QB Jeff Mathews,S Tyrell Johnson, DL Theo Agnew, LB Darin Drakeford, S Devonta Glover-Wright, WR Julian Jones, RB Jerome Smith, LB Brendan Daley, WR Tramaine Thompson, TE Brian Wozniak, and LB Walker May.

Among name that really stands out on this list is quarterback Jeff Matthews. Matthews was a undrafted free agent from Cornell University. Matthews has a lot of upside at being a pro-style quarterback. The Falcons are team that is really equipped at the quarterback position with Matt Ryan, T.J. Yates and Sean Renfree in company but Matthews is a very promising prospect who would benefit under the right system. Matthews could be a potential favorite to be picked up on waivers maybe teams like the Cowboys, Jaguars and the Chargers could have the potential. 

But never count out the Falcons to possibly bring him back to the roster as maybe next season he will have the chance to compete against Sean Renfree and T.J. Yates for a spot on the Falcons 53-man roster.